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Yaletown FitnessAriel Jacobson was introduced to us by his son.  Arial is a 76 year old sweet man who has never engaged in formal exercise.  All he did was walk and work.  However his family and Ariel decided together that exercise truly benefits several areas of life.  From disease prevention and maintenance, longer life span, better movement and independence, and reduced risks of falls and injuries.  In Vancouver they had dozens of trainers to choose from, and they could have just signed up for a big-box gym and hired the big-box gym trainers.  The smart choice was to hire a professional and educated trainer who specializes in special populations such as frail seniors.  As such they hired Yaletown Trainers which resulted in this wonderful success story:

Jon was willing to take the time to understand the fitness needs of my 76-year-old father and develop a program that suited his goals and abilities. He managed to take someone who has never done anything fitness-related and turn him into a workout enthusiast.


At Yaletown Trainers our top goals, standards, and principles are to provide evidence-based academic services to every stage of life.  Feel free to call us and let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation 778 288 2007