John Zakharia Vancouver
John Zakharia Vancouver

John Zakharia is from Vancouver    Achieved a certificate from BCRPA as a Certified Personal Trainer in 2014.  However in 2014 he switched to the more respected American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer.  He is also passed the Scientific Foundations exam for the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

 In addition he has a 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which benefits you because now your trainer comes with the professional skills to help you change your behavior and set goals–thus leading to success. 

In addition. He is a professional Group Fitness Instructor who can teach bootcamp, hi-low aerobics.  Johnny Zakharia also has not one but two certificates in Indoor Cycling and Spinning.  Certified Keiser Indoor Cycling Instructor And Certified Real Ryder Indoor Cycling Instructor

Johnny also achieved in 2014 a CFES Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor certification.  He also considered Can Fit Pro but decided against it..

He has also completed several Fitness Workshops such as Comprehensive Program Design Workshop

Proud to share that he has also completed 7 marathons, which also benefits you because you get a trainer who has gone beyond just book knowledge.

Lastly.  John is also a social activist and a homeless outreach worker.  Founder of

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